William Goetz over 2 years ago

Provide the ordinance in pdf format so citizens can make suggestions or ask questions relevant to a specific part of the ordinance. Make it like a wikipedia page. Or crowdsource it. The smartest person always works somewhere else - another city, company, university, etc. Make use of that expertise.

Seth Platt, Senior Associate, LSN Partners over 3 years ago

There are four big issues that coninually need to be addressed on the beach:Traffic / 'Getting people out of their cars', Beach Renourishment, Lighting, Protection of endangered species.

There is a common solution to mitigate all of these issues which continues not to receive enough consideration. Dune restoration in collaboration with more plants to shade the beach from the road can help to solve these issues. Dune restoration is a cost effective and environmentally sustainable method of dealing with all of the issues listed above.

Obfuscating the view of the beach from the road will curb cruising on A1A. One cannot state that they want to get people out of their cars and also advocate that drivers should be able to see the beach from their cars at the same time. Most hotels and businesses will maintain a view over dunes from their elevated foundations and receive additional spending dollars from those who park and walk. I would point out that in Miami Beach, and sections of Del Ray and Boynton Beaches one cannot see the beach from Ocean Drive yet it does not deter visitors.

Dune restoration will help to maintain beach sand during storm events and shelter endangered sea turtles from lights on A1A. If additional foliage such as seagrape trees are used to shelter beaches the City can be more lenient with lighting restrictions. Beaches with Dunes were proven to be protected better during Hurricane Sandy along the eastern seaboard.

Lastly, dune restoration will help to protect all of the businesses on the beach from storm events and flooding, and mitigate maintenance after such events such as sand removal. This is a solution that could greatly improve the sustainability of our beaches, reduce costs to mitigate all of these issues and enhance and beautify our City. A few coconut trees and sea oats do not a sustainable coastline make.

I hope the Commission will consider my suggestion before proceeding on an environmental take permit for endangered species with which we share this coastal environment. Many other Cities have sustainable dunes such as these up and down our coastline. This is an opportunity for Fort Lauderdale to properly address this issue and solve many other problems resulting from development too close to our shorelines. Below are links to some images and examples of other communities' shorelines with appropriate dune foliage.





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The Climate Adaptation Open House on January 21st, demonstrated our city commitment to planning for climate change and sea level rise. We are the model for Adaptation Action Areas, At the Open House, it was pointed out that "language" is an important step as the city goes forward in prioritizing infrastructure improvements and code changes to deal with these issues. Before there can be discussion on an actual plan, there are certain requirements of the state comprehensive plan, which all local government must adhere to, that must be addressed. By the City of Fort Lauderdale taking this important step, and being a leader on this issue, it puts us well on our way to achieving the infrastructure changes that the citizens desire to deal with impacts in their own specific neighborhoods. It is important to understand that this language part of the process is most important in accomplishing what can be done to reduce our risks to our own personal property, and how we can assist our government to reduce our risk by prior planning and prioritizing critical issues such as infrastructure and changes to our code. Everyone's input is important, Please get educated on the important issues of climate change and sea level rise. Encourage your neighbors to get involved, then please stay involved as the process moves forward. In my opinion, this is one of the most important challenges for our nation, state, and city.

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