They, military and commercial jets equipped with spraying mechanisms, are spraying heavily in our skies manipulating the weather - geo-engineering - and poisoning our water and air with various metal particulates. Its not conspiracy. Plenty of people are awake and actually look up to see trail after trail, crossing and sustained in the air for hours until they spread like clouds. These are not normal contrails. and JUST LOOK UP and stop looking at your phones!

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Debora Kolb over 4 years ago

People seem to go out their way to jay walk here. It creates unnecessary public safety issue along public streets. The worst areas are along Sunrise Blvd and 17th st. Causeway.

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Gives the city a third world appearance and it obstructs safety and traffic flow.

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I propose that the waterway police could benefit by the addition of jet skis. Police would use the jet skis to patrol our waterways much the way motorcycle police patrol our streets. The cops on the jet skis could call the patrol boats for back up just as the motorcycle cops call the cruisers. This would enable the city to increase waterway patrols at a lower cost. I really think this is necessary because I have noticed more and more speed violators and safety violators on the waterways.

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Nobody feels safe walking on the sidewalk along either of these bridges, especially if they are walking with young children. The City cannot expect pedestrians who live/ work on one side of the river to regularly attend events/ patronize businesses on the other side of the river, if they have to gamble with their lives in order to get there. The SW 7th Ave bridge sidewalk is especially dangerous because of the way the street curves leading into the bridge. The need for these guard rails will become more pronounced over the next few years as the south side of the Riverwalk becomes more fully developed.

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