Alejandra Simon 5 months ago

Who to contact for the possibility of building a public skate park in Fort Lauderdale? Most Cities have a skate park except Fort Lauderdale

No place to sit. Homeless sleep on them. They also leave their trash. Waste of tax dollars spent to create another unofficial homeless shelter.

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Ft. Lauderdale should stop abusing homeless people by taking their meager belongings, or making it harder for organizations to feed them and offer resources. Being homeless is not a crime, but mistreating them and depriving their humanity is morally felonious. A prosperous community cannot be truly great or worthy of commendation if it shuns those for whom capitalism has failed.

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Tourists who come annually laugh at the disrepair that they see each year they visit. Sad that the city thinks so little about its image!

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Install Misting systems (spritzers) around the City so that people can cool off when they are walking or biking or just hot. Spritzer emit a cool water mist when you press the button.

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Joann Block over 4 years ago

Riverwalk should be a visitor/resident great place to go. I don't know what killed it, but it is now a city disgrace rather than a city treasure.

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