I want to start a magazine that will keep our community informed! I propose a monthly magazine that is completely advertising driven so it can be free to the community. It will be mailed to all homes (free of charge) in the Riverland and surrounding communities. It will have sections for upcoming events, real estate, lawyers, community/town hall meetings, general history about our community and lists of emergency outlets for human and pets. There will also be a section for lost pet posters and pets that are up for adoption and possibly up-and-coming new businesses!

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A pedestrian bridge connection across the river at the cheesecake Factory would be awesome for pedestrians and cyclists. The City is getting much more pedestrian and bicycle friendly but there seems to be a big disconnect between both sides of the river downtown. The boats would probably need to have priority but it beats walking through the tunnel. Here's an example:

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Your citizens should be outraged by a government that is so calloused they turn a charitable act into an illegal activity! If you want to clean up your town, start at the beginning --the less fortunate of your town! Do everyone a favor and take care of your community! And if you can't, don't bother the ones that feel a moral obligation to do so.

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The tourist area and las olas is such a high quality neighborhood yet the downtown surrounding neighborhood is not so much. There should be more security put in place to reduce many burglary has existed within the past couple months in my neighborhood. The city should also try to remove section 8 in the neighborhood near downtown to bring up the property values.

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Idea: Downtown

Jessica Garten over 4 years ago

Smooth out the roads and get rid of the bricks. Use stamped bricks instead. Paint / clean the only tunnel in Florida. Build more office buildings instead of condos. Need more places to lock up bicycles.

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It's a fact that a tree canopy reduces speeding. This prominent neighborhood thoroughfare is almost 5 miles long. And has a constant speeding problem. Moving the overhead utilities underground would allow for the planting of trees along the street, not only improving public safety but the appearance of the neighborhood and value of the homes..

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Beautify las olas with center isle extension to 15th ave

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The approval of the Schlitterbahn Waterpark project at FXE would not only give Fort Lauderdale a world class tourist attraction unlike anything else in South Florida, but it would also come with the benefit of preserving the historic Lockhart Stadium. Securing a long term, modern home for our professional soccer team, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, would help ensure future generations would have the local heroes to look up to past generations have had, continuing to inspire pride in our city.

Both the stadium and the waterpark could be the centerpiece of a revitalized uptown district. Make it happen Fort Lauderdale and FAA!

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