Howard Sims over 2 years ago

I've never had a problem with flooding in my yard. Nor has the road in front of my house ever flooded. I think this is a bad change and I am completely against it. It will ruin my view of the water.

William Goetz over 2 years ago

Anybody listening?

What is the peer-reviewed, scientific evidence base that supports the following whereas statements? Personal opinion or expert consensus are not acceptable responses given the cost to our citizens. We need to see the scientific evidence.

"WHEREAS, seawalls and similar structures contribute to coastal resilience when constructed in a manner that is substantially impermeable and meet a minimum height"';

and, "standard that effectively addresses existing tidal flooding and future sea level rise for the expected lifetime of the seawall or structure."

What is the peer-reviewed, scientific evidence that raising seawalls will contribute to the solution of harm from sea-level rise and tidal flooding?

Also, what is the evidence that this ordinance will be cost-effective compared to other solutions? Or even in combination with other solutions?

How can I download and print out the attachments? When I try to do that, I get a prompt that requires me to sign into Scribd for a free trial.

Helen Gray over 3 years ago

STOP All Aboard Florida - it will negatively change our quality of life. As a commuter, this project will impact me daily. As a waterfront property owner up the New River, it will affect our leisure and property values. As a taxpayer, our dollars are being used for a private enterprise - one that will fail on top of that. Please fight against this project. It affects the our way of life.

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The city should extend wifi to the entire community and seek to build out a fiber optic network that is community owned

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Denise Reiter over 4 years ago

Get on a program to replace street lights with ones that do not create light pollution in the sky and my bedroom windows.

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Ian Gardner over 4 years ago

15th Ave between Broward Boulevard and Las Olas is a busy street. Many large vehicles use this street heading east and turning from Broward into 15th Ave. Unfortunately the radius of the corner is very small which causes these vehicles to drive over the gutter and footpath in order to make the turn.This has caused the concrete, over time to break up. I now see that repairs have been made but am astounded that the same radius has been left. It is obvious a larger radius is required so it is my suggestion to improve this corner with that in mind.

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We need more bike paths and bike lanes. Automobile congestion as gotten out of control. The city needs to incent people to get out of their cars. For the elderly, maybe more golf cart options, but more bike paths that connect to places people go to is the key. (Why was a bike path left out of the plans for the new Middle River Bridge??)

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Seven miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale beach at a depth of 3000 ft there is an abundant supply of 39F seawater. Why not tunnel to that point bring this water to shore and air condition Fort Lauderdale airport and all the coastal hotels at 90% less fossil fuel electricity?

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