Ian Gardner about 4 years ago

15th Ave between Broward Boulevard and Las Olas is a busy street. Many large vehicles use this street heading east and turning from Broward into 15th Ave. Unfortunately the radius of the corner is very small which causes these vehicles to drive over the gutter and footpath in order to make the turn.This has caused the concrete, over time to break up. I now see that repairs have been made but am astounded that the same radius has been left. It is obvious a larger radius is required so it is my suggestion to improve this corner with that in mind.

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Install Misting systems (spritzers) around the City so that people can cool off when they are walking or biking or just hot. Spritzer emit a cool water mist when you press the button.

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The approval of the Schlitterbahn Waterpark project at FXE would not only give Fort Lauderdale a world class tourist attraction unlike anything else in South Florida, but it would also come with the benefit of preserving the historic Lockhart Stadium. Securing a long term, modern home for our professional soccer team, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, would help ensure future generations would have the local heroes to look up to past generations have had, continuing to inspire pride in our city.

Both the stadium and the waterpark could be the centerpiece of a revitalized uptown district. Make it happen Fort Lauderdale and FAA!

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Joann Block about 4 years ago

Riverwalk should be a visitor/resident great place to go. I don't know what killed it, but it is now a city disgrace rather than a city treasure.

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We need more bike paths and bike lanes. Automobile congestion as gotten out of control. The city needs to incent people to get out of their cars. For the elderly, maybe more golf cart options, but more bike paths that connect to places people go to is the key. (Why was a bike path left out of the plans for the new Middle River Bridge??)

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The Climate Adaptation Open House on January 21st, demonstrated our city commitment to planning for climate change and sea level rise. We are the model for Adaptation Action Areas, At the Open House, it was pointed out that "language" is an important step as the city goes forward in prioritizing infrastructure improvements and code changes to deal with these issues. Before there can be discussion on an actual plan, there are certain requirements of the state comprehensive plan, which all local government must adhere to, that must be addressed. By the City of Fort Lauderdale taking this important step, and being a leader on this issue, it puts us well on our way to achieving the infrastructure changes that the citizens desire to deal with impacts in their own specific neighborhoods. It is important to understand that this language part of the process is most important in accomplishing what can be done to reduce our risks to our own personal property, and how we can assist our government to reduce our risk by prior planning and prioritizing critical issues such as infrastructure and changes to our code. Everyone's input is important, Please get educated on the important issues of climate change and sea level rise. Encourage your neighbors to get involved, then please stay involved as the process moves forward. In my opinion, this is one of the most important challenges for our nation, state, and city.

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This is a great project but I feel that only a handful of residents really know about it and how to get engaged. I'd like for the city to create a marketing/advertising campaign by using banners at popular areas/intersections, electronic traffic signs, ads in the newspaper/popular downtown magazines, buses ads, street light banners, etc... We need to get residents on board/buy-in to this process so that it can really succeed.

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Seven miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale beach at a depth of 3000 ft there is an abundant supply of 39F seawater. Why not tunnel to that point bring this water to shore and air condition Fort Lauderdale airport and all the coastal hotels at 90% less fossil fuel electricity?

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Visitors are everywhere! We should ALL make them feel welcome. Say "Hello", ask them where they are from, and say that you hope they will enjoy there visit. Offer to give them directions if they need to know where something is, be FREINDLY! A friendly community creates great FREE "word of mouth" advertising when our visitors return home. Plus, it's a nice thing to do! We can all help create a great city that we welcome our visitors. Our local businesses can use our help!

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City citizens will never have equality until they have the same access to information, whether they are rich or poor. Learning doesn't end when the school bell rings. I learn more now than I ever have, and I've been out of school for over 50 years. All from the internet.

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