Your citizens should be outraged by a government that is so calloused they turn a charitable act into an illegal activity! If you want to clean up your town, start at the beginning --the less fortunate of your town! Do everyone a favor and take care of your community! And if you can't, don't bother the ones that feel a moral obligation to do so.

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Create an organization chart within the employee directory. This will allow employees to understand the departmental hierarchy and how they may receive assistance without engaging management with questions that may not require management engagement. Also, for internal customers that are new to the organization, it would provide a visual guide for key resources that they may need to perform their job.

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No place to sit. Homeless sleep on them. They also leave their trash. Waste of tax dollars spent to create another unofficial homeless shelter.

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The tourist area and las olas is such a high quality neighborhood yet the downtown surrounding neighborhood is not so much. There should be more security put in place to reduce many burglary has existed within the past couple months in my neighborhood. The city should also try to remove section 8 in the neighborhood near downtown to bring up the property values.

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Ft. Lauderdale should stop abusing homeless people by taking their meager belongings, or making it harder for organizations to feed them and offer resources. Being homeless is not a crime, but mistreating them and depriving their humanity is morally felonious. A prosperous community cannot be truly great or worthy of commendation if it shuns those for whom capitalism has failed.

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Idea: Downtown

Jessica Garten over 4 years ago

Smooth out the roads and get rid of the bricks. Use stamped bricks instead. Paint / clean the only tunnel in Florida. Build more office buildings instead of condos. Need more places to lock up bicycles.

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The city should extend wifi to the entire community and seek to build out a fiber optic network that is community owned

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They, military and commercial jets equipped with spraying mechanisms, are spraying heavily in our skies manipulating the weather - geo-engineering - and poisoning our water and air with various metal particulates. Its not conspiracy. Plenty of people are awake and actually look up to see trail after trail, crossing and sustained in the air for hours until they spread like clouds. These are not normal contrails. and JUST LOOK UP and stop looking at your phones!

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Tourists who come annually laugh at the disrepair that they see each year they visit. Sad that the city thinks so little about its image!

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It's a fact that a tree canopy reduces speeding. This prominent neighborhood thoroughfare is almost 5 miles long. And has a constant speeding problem. Moving the overhead utilities underground would allow for the planting of trees along the street, not only improving public safety but the appearance of the neighborhood and value of the homes..

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