It's a fact that a tree canopy reduces speeding. This prominent neighborhood thoroughfare is almost 5 miles long. And has a constant speeding problem. Moving the overhead utilities underground would allow for the planting of trees along the street, not only improving public safety but the appearance of the neighborhood and value of the homes..

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City citizens will never have equality until they have the same access to information, whether they are rich or poor. Learning doesn't end when the school bell rings. I learn more now than I ever have, and I've been out of school for over 50 years. All from the internet.

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The city should extend wifi to the entire community and seek to build out a fiber optic network that is community owned

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Ian Gardner almost 4 years ago

15th Ave between Broward Boulevard and Las Olas is a busy street. Many large vehicles use this street heading east and turning from Broward into 15th Ave. Unfortunately the radius of the corner is very small which causes these vehicles to drive over the gutter and footpath in order to make the turn.This has caused the concrete, over time to break up. I now see that repairs have been made but am astounded that the same radius has been left. It is obvious a larger radius is required so it is my suggestion to improve this corner with that in mind.

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William Goetz over 1 year ago

Anybody listening?

  1. Publicize it. The last entry was a year ago. Right now the neighborhood site does more business. Maybe link it to the main page. 2. Provide substantive feedback to each suggestion or comment as quickly as possible. Right now, no one knows if anyone in the city even reads this stuff. 3. Make it the major site for HOAs and other organizations to present suggestions to the city. Again, provide feedback, and link to the main page. 4. Promote it as a crowdsourcing site to solve well-defined, specific city problems. The smartest person is always employed somewhere else. Sarasota crowdsourced a water-use ordinance. Even DARPA crowdsources. 5. Encourage employees to provide suggestions on city operations. 6. Offer a reward for the best suggestion of the year. 7. Offer a substantive monetary reward for any suggestion that is implemented and saves the city money. Particularly if it comes from an employee. 8. So, Lee, what do you think?

Your citizens should be outraged by a government that is so calloused they turn a charitable act into an illegal activity! If you want to clean up your town, start at the beginning --the less fortunate of your town! Do everyone a favor and take care of your community! And if you can't, don't bother the ones that feel a moral obligation to do so.

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This is a great project but I feel that only a handful of residents really know about it and how to get engaged. I'd like for the city to create a marketing/advertising campaign by using banners at popular areas/intersections, electronic traffic signs, ads in the newspaper/popular downtown magazines, buses ads, street light banners, etc... We need to get residents on board/buy-in to this process so that it can really succeed.

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Install Misting systems (spritzers) around the City so that people can cool off when they are walking or biking or just hot. Spritzer emit a cool water mist when you press the button.

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Create an organization chart within the employee directory. This will allow employees to understand the departmental hierarchy and how they may receive assistance without engaging management with questions that may not require management engagement. Also, for internal customers that are new to the organization, it would provide a visual guide for key resources that they may need to perform their job.

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