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Lomachenko can't rely on getting passed Crolla like he's a simple imprint, since his last two battles against Pedraza and Linares demonstrated that he's not a sufficient contender at lightweight to simply appear and expect that he will command his restriction similarly he had when he was battling at 126 and 130. It's never again like that for Lomachenko. The warriors are greater and more grounded at lightweight, and he's gotten more established. It may be the case that the times of the 2-time Olympic gold medalist from Ukraine Lomachenko won't win any of his battles effectively any longer.

"Obviously, I don't care for it. It's bad for me, however what will be will be," Lomachenko said to about him expecting to confront his WBA obligatory Crolla so as to keep his WBA lash instead of battling Commey for his IBF title.

There had been discussion of Lomachenko potentially climbing right to light welterweight to pursue a fourth division world title sooner rather than later, yet he says he won't go out on a limb. Lomachenko feels that even the lightweight division is out of line for him. Lomachenko simply needs to wrap up the division, and after that he'll move down to super featherweight to battle against folks his own size.

On the off chance that there was a conquerable hero at light welterweight right now that Lomachenko could easily overcome without getting injured as well as taking a great deal of discipline in winning, he would almost certainly make the climb to light welterweight to pursue the lash. In any case, there's no belt holder right now at light welterweight that Lomachenko could beat in a beyond any doubt thing win without him taking a ton of discipline. The bosses at 140 right currently are as per the following: Jose Ramirez [WBC], Kiryl Relikh [WBA], Ivan Baranchyk [IBF] and Maurice Hooker [WBO]. Lomachenko could possibly beat Relikh and Hooker, however those future hard battles where he gets hit a great deal, and has a ton of issues in winning.

"I cant. I can't," Lomachenko said about climbing to 140. "For me, it's 135; [140 pounds] is a lot of now," he said about the possibility of climbing to junior welterweight. "My customary weight, my regular weight is 130 [the junior lightweight limit]. It's agreeable for me, and [the opponents] are my size folks. However at this point, I battle with folks who are greater than me. I can't go the following weight class up, 140. I can't. It's too enormous," Lomachenko said.

It's sheltered to state that Lomachenko won't astound emulate Floyd Mayweather Jr's example the manner in which that he began his genius profession out at super featherweight, and afterward climbed right to 154 in winning world titles. That is five division titles. If Lomachenko somehow happened to do what Mayweather did, he would need to win belts at 140 and 147 to turn into a five division best on the planet.


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