We need more bike paths and bike lanes. Automobile congestion as gotten out of control. The city needs to incent people to get out of their cars. For the elderly, maybe more golf cart options, but more bike paths that connect to places people go to is the key. (Why was a bike path left out of the plans for the new Middle River Bridge??)

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Alejandra Simon over 4 years ago

I fully agree. Bike paths specially along the beach should be wider. The bike path now is a one-way single-file dangerous 3 feet of road. Which works for a bicycle commute to work but not for a leisure bike ride along the beach. Since bikers have to watch for park cars and car doors opening in front of them at any moment, some bike riders feel more secure riding on the sidewalk. The ride along the beach should be wide enough that we can have pairs of bicycles cruise in eigher direction, families with young kids on bicycles without having to worry about car traffic for their kids. Pleople riding slowing and checking out the scenery and hanging out. This ride should be inviting. Take Holllywood beach as an example. Also there is long stretch of beach from Sunrise North to the restoration point where the sidewalk is 3 feet wide, pedestrians have to watch for drivers opening their doors and runners are forced to use the bike path which makes bike riding a lot more perilous. The new restoration project at the end of the beach doesn't seem to bring anything new, just copying what we already have in place. I also think all our bridges absolutely need a bike path and not accomodating on a new project is just nonsense.