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Fort Lauderdale is a world-class international business center. As the City's economy continues to grow, we are seeking public input to help retain and expand local businesses. Share your ideas for a Comprehensive Economic Development Plan that will build community and bring our citywide Vision to life!

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    Allowing the retail portion Las Olas BLV to be shut down to car traffic, making it a solely pedestrian walkway with seating areas and kids play areas will enhance tourist and locals experience in the city. At the moment it is a nice place to visit but once one walks the length of the street to see the shops there is no other reason to stay a while. We want people to stay and enjoy the area but there is nothing we are offering for them to stay. At the moment there are part of the sidewalk that need to be walked single-file and it really does not make for a pleasant walk. There is plenty of parking spaces in the back of the Blvd, and traffic can be rerouted very easily. The pedestrian portion would only be up to US1. Activities like art fares, concerts, festivals can be held downtown if the area was already set up. it would bring great economic boom to the shops and restaurants. But dont forget to keep the shade! We have to stop treating car traffic like kings. To move people to the pedestrian area we have the Trolley (which I think is fantastic) the Water Taxi (it could be less espensive) and local buses. Next we have to think of how to get people from western cities into our downtown withOUT all of them having to park their cars and car congestion. My idea still stands : instead of expanding our highways, to make our train system better. We need a monorail line from Sawgrass Mills Mall to downtown via 595. We need to think far into the future and think of innovative ideas not just the here and now.