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Fort Lauderdale is working on long-term sustainability in light of climate change. Neighbors are encouraged share their ideas and participate in a dialogue about adaptation strategies to enhance Fort Lauderdale’s resiliency and protect the City’s future prosperity.

    On Tuesday, January 21 from 5:30- 7:30 PM, at City Hall, 100 N. Andrews Avenue, 1st Floor Commission Chambers, the city will have the Climate Adaptation Open House. If you can not attend, the meeting will be televised on Comcast Channel 78 or AT&T U Verse Channel 99. You can also watch online at This is from the City "flyer" on the Open House,:

    " As a City surrounded by water, we are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We value your input as we work to address climate change and make our community more resilient. Learn about Adaptation Action Areas and join a conversation about strengthening our City."

    I attended the 5th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit at the Broward County Convention Center, in November. The issue of climate change and sea level rise will affect us. It most definitely will have an economic impact. On our city infrastructure, and your insurance premiums, especially for flood insurance. YOU need to get educated on this important issue. . Through education we can make informed decisions on what we can do to decrease our rusk from climate change and sea level rise to our personal property. How can we assist our government to reduce our risk by prior planning and prioritizing critical issues, such as infrastructure and changes to our code? We should encourage and support a partnership between the stakeholders. Residents, government, and the private sector.